The Covid-19 crisis has had a great impact worldwide, since it has been a little more than a year when it all began and we have witnessed a significant increase in digitalization, which has generated that teleworking results being the resource of many companies to continue their activities, virtual education becomes the alternative for schools  and universities to continue schooling, virtual medical care  turns out as the formula for service and contact for hospitals, clinics and health centers and of course, e-commerce ends up being the distribution strategy for companies.

Confinement has changed purchasing habits and has encouraged new consumers, whether out of fear or necessity, to try the online sales channel. Likewise, it has also increased the frequency with which purchases are made virtually and has invited a large number of SMEs, which had not yet dared to make their sales over the Internet, to do so. For this reason, many companies have joined some of the largest and best-known virtual platforms such as Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay; among others.

There is no doubt that e-commerce has helped many businesses to stay afloat today, because, without this tool, it would not have been possible to survive, since, thanks to it, companies have been able to continue billing, despite the strict measures imposed on physical stores and mobility in general.

Currently, customers have increased the variety of products that they usually consume online, which allows companies to invest in new technologies related to e-commerce in order to have a constant innovation in this time of pandemic and to position themselves in the market.

Technology has evolved and with it, online sales channels and tools have been modified, so they are improving and innovating to facilitate their use by all companies and customers. This process was inevitable and could be seen coming; however, it happened very soon and in an accelerated manner.

According to several studies carried out, many companies will see the opportunity and move from offline to online channels. However, they must be aware that this decision brings with it advantages and disadvantages and that changes cannot be made spontaneously; on the contrary, a good strategy must be implemented.

Clearly, e-commerce will continue to grow and change, as time goes by and the challenges increase; given that it is more complicated or restricted to opt for the offline sales channel and more and more users prefer to opt for the online channel. In short, we are on our way to an even more digitalized world.

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Diego Ramirez Parra specialized in information analysis and business administration and administrative professional of López & James Perú S.A.C., wrote this article.

Peru, April 6, 2021