Professional Services

Commercial Representation and Market Entry Services

We offer a complete range of services allowing investors and companies to establish and maintain a legal presence in Latin America. Our business research capabilities combined with our market knowledge of key industries in the region, and our network of executive contacts, helps companies like yours to plan and execute the best route to accomplish your expansion plans in the region.

  • General legal advice
  • Advice on Negotiation and Hiring of Suppliers and Employees
  • Incorporation of Companies and Substitute Legal Representation (minutes, regular and commercial contracts, documents)
  • Brand Representation
  • Market research
  • Advice on Private and State Contracting

Legal Services

From the drafting of an employment contract to a complex merger and acquisition process or a commercial litigation, our multilingual lawyers are qualified in multiple jurisdictions to help companies or individuals with their legal needs. Our areas of specialization are Corporate Law, Immigration Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labor Law, Civil Law and Family Law.

  • General Legal Services
  • Notarial Procedures and Certifications
  • Company Extinction Services
  • Labor Law
  • Due Diligence Service
  • Commercial and Corporate Legislation
  • Industrial property
  • Legal representation
  • Case Management and Litigation
  • Legal Review and Writing of Agreements and Labor Contracts and of All Kinds
  • Negotiation and Commercial Litigation
  • Customs Law: imports, exports, verification of compliance with local and international regulations
  • Legal Services in Family Law: marital unions and marriages, divorces, liquidation of marital and patrimonial partnerships, inheritance, issues related to food, paternity; among others
  • Title Study of a Property
  • Preparation of Demands for Restitution of Leased Property, Negotiations and Transactions with Tenants. Civil liability
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues as Protection thereof, Trademark Background Search, Trademark Registration – Commercial Slogans – Patents, Registration Renewal and Representation in Intellectual Property Legal Proceedings
  • Consumer Law and Preparation of Consumer Claims
  • Incorporation of Companies: registration of the articles of incorporation in the Chamber of Commerce, opening of a bank account, registration with the Single Tax Registry (R.U.T.), issuance of digital signature, billing resolution and R.U.T. of the Legal Representative

Administrative Support and Financial Advice

The Administrative and Financial Services Directorate has a wide infrastructure and staff to be able to provide our clients and external community with a wide portfolio of services that could be summarized as follows:

  • Affiliation and registration of the company to the Colombian social security system, chamber of commerce, state entities, among others.
  • Manage communication of the company, with suppliers and customers in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Coordinate logistics and courier services, both for the delivery of documents and customer sales products.
  • Provide support to the Human Resources area for management in integral or partial administrative tasks, as well as those related to personnel and the company.
  • Preparation and settlement of partial and comprehensive payroll.
  • Billing and cash flow.
  • Scheduling periodic virtual meetings between our employees and the client to review activities, results and define actions to follow.
  • Valuation to define remuneration of jobs, application of original budgets of the client to local practices with its implementation.
  • Processing and registration of international investments and their monitoring before local control authorities.
  • Internal reports prepared according to the client’s needs in sales, accounting, transactional and financial areas.
  • Reports to control entities in areas of local and national taxes, social security, statistics and others.
  • Preparation of business plans, investment, operational and business development budgets.
  • Billing of administrative, financial and accounting reports for the client

Debt Collection

We provide the best recovery solutions for business across Latin America. Our experts work on a no collection, no fee basis.

Our professional approach helps companies to recover outstanding debts without putting at risk their commercial relations.

  • Collection and Portfolio Management
  • Early Portfolio
  • Pre-legal collection
  • Legal Collection

VISAS & Immigration Advice

Our team of specialized immigration advisors help companies and individuals to apply for the right visa or residence permit according to their short, medium- and long-term plans. Get in touch for a free consultation.

  • Collection and Portfolio Management
  • Early Portfolio
  • Pre-legal collection
  • Legal Collection

Accounting Outsourcing with Payroll, Taxes and Audits to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

We offer a range of accounting and tax services to help your company to work efficiently, complying with every regulation in Latin America.

Our tax advisors focus on the structuring of efficient strategies in order to achieve tax efficiency for companies and investors while being 100% in compliance with local regulations.

  • Accounting and Accounting Outsourcing
  • Administration of payroll
  • Tax Management
  • Reconciliation and Monitoring of Bank Accounts and Available
  • General and Internal Audit Services with the Objective of Identifying Risk Factors on Special Activities
  • Tax Review
  • Banking administration
  • Registration and Tracking of all Activities in Accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles under Colombian G.A.A.P. and N.I.I.F.
  • Conversion to N.I.I.F.
  • Follow-up and File Suggestions under Directives Included in the Colombian Legal Standard
  • Control and Management of Inventories, Property, Plant and Equipment, Investments
  • Preparation of Special Purpose Financial Statements and Reports Required for Management; as well as the Basics According to Local Legislation
  • Billing and Cash Flow, Tracking and Suggestions
  • Preparation, Settlement of Payroll Including Payments, and File of All Concepts Included Within Social Benefits and Labor Obligations for Employees
  • Employee Affiliation and Company Registration to the Colombian Social Security System
  • Analysis, Settlement and Presentation of District and National Taxes
  • Attention to Fiscal Requirements, D.A.N.E., Banco de la República and Other Control Entities including Superintendency of Companies
  • Preparation and Monitoring of Official Books
  • Monthly Cost and Expense Evolution Report
  • Income Statement
  • Exogenous Information Reports

Recruitment Services

Our team is well experienced in the selection, assessment and hiring of personnel, offering a comprehensive advice in human resources.

  • Recruitment, Selection and Evaluation
  • Due Diligence With Procurement Controls
  • Human Resources Consulting for: analysis and evaluation of performance, skills, training and training in conflict resolution, retirement advice, labor and union negotiations

Security and Background Checks

We offer a comprehensive due diligence service that can be conducted both on companies and individuals, allowing our clients to make informed decisions when choosing their business partners or future employees.

  • Verification of Annotations or Judicial Background
  • Basic Security Studies Including: verification of documents, labor reference, home visit, judicial background check, delivery of results
  • Intermediate Reliability Studies with Financial Behavior Analysis
  • Advanced Reliability Studies with Polygraph Test
  • Polygraphy Service
  • Due Diligence: supplier study, security and background check service

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Employer of Record and Payroll Management Services

Our international PEO is an Employer of Record solution that enables companies to hire anywhere in Latin America quickly, in compliance and without the need to set up a legal entity. Through our International PEO model, we utilize our regional infrastructure to hire and pay your employees and become their legal Employer of Record. But you maintain all day-to-day control of your international team members.

  • Company Constitution
  • Legal Representation and Tax Domicile
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Other Services such as: messaging, secretarial and assistance services and some described in Legal Services, Financial Services and Personnel Services

International Trade Services

  • They focus especially on the commercial representation and market entry service (this also includes a business plan and market study if required, as well as other service items as the case may be).
  • Support in commercial logistics for the search, development and verification of suppliers (including digital verification service), shipment and coordination of samples, commercial representation, purchase management, quality control inspection, loading and pre-shipment, as well as of prior inspection at origin and on arrival with personalized assistance in all your business processes.
  • Legal support in relation to the resolution of conflicts-litigation that arise with suppliers, clients, business partners.
  • Support in obtaining different types of insurance for merchandise traded according to requirements.