The good news of the Andean Migratory Statute

The Andean Community of Nations (CAN), integrated by the countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Perú, has established a regulation that will allow from its entry into force according to decision 878 of the Andean Migratory Statute, the opportunity to access the entry as well as the temporary and permanent residence of its citizens. The rule is supranational and  mandatory for the member countries, in which each member country must subsequently issue internally the corresponding regulations for its implementation.

Colombia, from his side, has become the first member country to establish the respective regulations for its implementation, through the application for visas for Andean migrant and resident in the country. It is from January 2022, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided the authorization and registration in the system of the possibility for the study of the visa in reference, which may be granted for a period of up to two (2) years, complying with the minimum requirements for the study, taking into account that the management process is friendly to the applicant user, it is important to comply with the requirements for the success of the process and the validity of the documentation provided to the application.

This legal instrument aims to benefit the nationals of the community, allowing them access, transit, entry, exit and circulation of migrant citizens without a defined time, access to education and academic plans as well as into labor plans and develop duly legal work activities, i.e., it allows them to perform lawful activity throughout the territory of the country. Subsequently, the Andean migrant residency may be requested, which is granted for an indefinite term after two years as a bearer or holder of the Andean migrant visa.

Considering the social and economic implications and the dynamic empowerment of human resources, the growth and cultural development that it promotes, Colombia is engaged to the commitment of the union of the Andean Community of Nations and believes in the sustainable progress of cooperation and exchange that diversity and strengthening between nations entails, which allows generating opportunities and being a flagship in the management of processes and efficient processing in migratory matters while ensuring commercial, educational and progressive integration among nationals.

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About the author:

Daniela Álvarez is an attorney and the Debt Collection Coordinator at Gestiones Empresariales López & James in Bogotá, she has an extensive experience in Civil, Commercial, Corporate and  Immigration law, as well as in legal and pre-legal Debt Collection and commercial arbitration dynamics.

Bogotá D.C. March 2, 2022.