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Colombia once again bets on new provisions for the ordering and regulation of migration, based on the interest of foreign policy and the promotion of internationalization, not only in
terms of education, but also for investment, opportunity, tourism and exchange, as Colombia
is an ideal scenario, both, territorially and culturally and in view of the different international structures and expansion needed, Colombia proposes and executes a series of updates and process regulations for the different types of visas available, their scope and conditions, as well as their requirements and procedures, which comes into force as of October 21, 2022 through Resolution No. 5477 of July 22, 2022.

From the aforementioned resolution are extracted, for the knowledge of all interested parties, that it strictly contains the formal request to provide the documents of the foreigner duly apostilled or legalized without any exception, consideration that previous ordinance was only required if it was an additional document requested by the Ministry and will now be provided as a basic requirement for application; likewise, it is identified within the new changes, the delicate division and classification of types of visas, which are grouped into three main groups that are maintained in terms of identification, being the recognized ones:
Migrant visa type, Visitor visa and Resident visa, however; the change occurs in the ubdivisions, in which we find new figures such as the classification of digital nomad visas, airport transit visas, technical assistance visa, Andean migrant visa, Venezuelan visa under ETPV, visa to promote internationalization, among others; It also proposes new requirements for each type of visa, in order to complement the information that will be studied in the application, ranging from the basic economic requirements to the essential requirements of each application.

Of the regulations that are maintained through the new resolution, these are focused on the
virtual or electronic process, with the exception of those cases in which the Ministry considers it appropriate to summon the applicant in person for an interview or for the delivery of official documents in physical form.  In addition, visas are still issued electronically through the e-visa system, which is a modern modality that does not require passport stamping, except in exceptional cases.

Among the powerful updated changes, there is also the factor of the economic requirements
that vary in terms of the enforceability of each different type of request to apply. It is important to inform that any legal or natural person who wishes to participate in the benefit of obtaining a visa for the Colombian state, must be prepared in terms of documentation, compliance with requirements and clear guidance regarding the profile that occupies when applying, because the state intends through the update, to cover most of the basic needs and of interest for the country, with the foreigner who wishes to be a productive element and mutual strengthening between nations, respecting the discretion in the decision of acceptance or admission of all those who seek a migration process. At López & James we have experts and specialists ready to guide and advise your application.

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About the author:
Daniela Álvarez is an attorney in Gestiones Empresariales López & James and has
experience in civil, commercial, corporate and immigration law.
Languages: Spanish.

Bogota D.C. October 24, 2022