In accordance with the current situation and the globalization in which we live, the world has been forced to change, renew and rethink all its operations to achieve a sustainability that, although it seems uncertain, provides the assurance that we are moving forward and that there is no other opportunity than to face the day to day. It is a challenge to determine or understand the dynamics in which the capacity of resilience has become and where the states act as guarantors of stability, every day they strive through their human capital to optimize and design the best possible strategies. The economic sphere is a fundamental pillar and its risk and change factors take on a different role every day. Therefore, the transfer from one country to another and the establishment in this country requires the responsibility of legalizing and executing the procedures that ensure its permanence in a formal and legal manner. The reactivation of migratory services has been progressive, due to the suspension caused by the health emergency and pandemic originated by the COVID-19, although there is still a long way to go before they are completely normalized, specifically in Colombia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stood out for the timely diligence and dynamism through Migration in the reaction to these processes, initiating the management of foreign registration procedures for the registration of foreigners, Issuance of foreigner’s identity cards, certificates of migratory movements and nationality, safe-conducts, special permits of stay and temporary permits of stay, under the virtual modality and only with the previous scheduling of appointments for each process, all of it, in order to avoid unnecessary crowds in each one of the headquarters and thus to contribute in the fulfillment of the protocols and biosecurity rules imposed by the national authorities. Despite the use of resources such as technology and the innovation in the systematization of each procedure, there are delays present in each management, which may take an extension of the process with respect to the normal times stipulated by the Ministry. What happens is that after a suspension of more than 6 months, the renewal and reinvention of the system also require the implementation of education and user training campaigns that consume certain time and that are part of that delay in response times compared to the usual times that it took before.

Consequently, the challenge is also presented for each user and it is, that we are facing a new reality that with much effort and courage we must decide to adapt, with full conviction and based on the fact that success lies in the correct capacity of organization and adaptability to changes. At Gestiones Empresariales López & James, we are pleased to offer the best disposition in the attention of the migratory requirements that may occur, of course, with the professionalism that characterizes us so we can be part of your calmness and reliability in the regularization of your stay.

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About the author:

Daniela Álvarez is a lawyer from the Gestiones Empresariales López & James team and has experience in civil, commercial, business and immigration law.

Languages: Spanish.

Bogotá D.C. January 4, 2021