Before answering this question, it is important to understand the problems that the Colombian state has with the payment of the sentences that victims or attorneys-in-fact have
won against it.
According to the litigation agency of the state, the debt by the entities of the state for the first quarter of 2020, amounts to an approximate value of 12.8 billion Colombian pesos, of which, before the pandemic, only an approximate value of 0.7 billion had been paid, since the delay of entities such as the Prosecutor’s Office, Judicial Branch, Police, the Ministry of Defense, Invías, among others; takes between 5 and 6 years, this, because the economic crisis and the pandemic have brought a fiscal deficit that makes it almost impossible for the Ministry of Finance to make the payment of these judgments in a timely manner, making the Colombian state to be increasingly indebted to its victims.

However, due to this situation, arises the secondary market for the purchase of judgments against the state, where Gestiones Empresariales López and James, our firm, provides the
resources to mitigate in some way the wait in time for the payment of the judgments of the victims of the Colombian state, as well as the lawyers who have been waiting more than 15
years both to assert the rights of the victims and to have the payment of the same.

To answer the question that led us to write this article, it is important to know that selling your sentence is something totally valid, legal and that in a more agile and effective way,
there are companies that allow the quality of life of the beneficiaries of the economic rights of the sentences can have a happy ending and in the same way, manage to solve their basic
needs. All this can in one way or another, help hundreds of people whom to this day have been affected as victims of the Colombian state to be compensated and heard to some

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About the author:

Camilo Garavito is a lawyer, he is part of the legal team of Gestiones Empresariales López & James Colombia and specializes in the areas of Procedural, Constitutional and Consumer