Apprenticeship Contract in Colombia

The agglomerate compendium of norms in labor matters, every day has more resources and special tools to contribute to the state and professional progress. Through the apprenticeship contract, it is possible to expand the possibility of accessing previous labor practice and field of action in the matter, linking students from SENA, universities or educational institutions with their training practices.

The distinction of this contract specialty is that the law establishes that any company can comply with the hiring of apprentices, with the exception that this hiring is not always voluntary for an organization or employer, except in cases in which it is a legal obligation for companies (those with at least 15 employees) to comply.

The responsibility for setting up the obligation of this regulation falls on SENA, which is the entity in charge of specifying the apprenticeship quota and, consequently, developing jointly with the companies, the pertinent procedures and processes for the respective compliance with the Law.

The apprenticeship contracts will allow the opportunity to last 2 continuous or discontinuous years of this practice. The interesting thing about this legal figure is that its objective is to validate the student’s experience with respect to the theoretical and academic knowledge acquired during the development of the educational program and study, following the channels and bases provided for the academic load, so that the design of the referred practice must be governed according to the curriculum approved by the corresponding authorities, that is, endorsed by the Ministry of Education and/or the Secretariat of Education. An important aspect to highlight is that the remuneration of the apprenticeship contract is considered a compensation, it is not considered a salary or wage, since the economic recognition is by the sponsoring company and this in turn contains a rule in order to determine the value according to the phase in which the apprenticeship is, that is, if it is in the teaching phase or in the practical phase, taking as a basis for the teaching phase the recognition of 50% of the minimum wage and 75% of the minimum wage in the practical phase.

It is therefore necessary to clarify that the apprenticeship contract does not constitute an employment relationship as a contract, nor is its compensation considered a salary and therefore does not give rise to the right to demand social benefits.

Now, this provision includes technicalities and formal establishments that must be resolved with the respective legal rigor in order to comply with the required obligation and avoid penalties and legal damages for non-observance, aspects such as determining the obligation of affiliation to social security, maternity leave, vacations, suspension of the contract, among others.

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About the author:

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