About Us: History and More

Lopez & James is the professional services group that provides a unique combination of specialist legal, tax and accounting services to US, Canadian and European companies wanting to invest or expand in Latin America.

Our purpose is to provide an effective and high quality choice for businesses of all sizes that are looking for a flexible, internationally-sophisticated, innovative and competitively-priced advisors to help them make a commercial success of their investment in the Latin American region.

From our offices in Miami, London and Bogotá, we advise companies, investment funds and individual executives looking to establish themselves fast and effectively in this rapidly developing markets.

Our History

Founded in 2006, we have over 12 years’ experience as a leading professional services firm which has worked with some of the leading corporates and major government departments in the Latin America region.

Following our acquisition of additional teams, clients and capabilities, we recently re-branded to become Lopez & James in honour of our founding partners.

With offices in Miami, London and Bogotá, our teams of specialized attorneys and accountants seek to provide comprehensive multilingual advice in Spanish, English, French and German.

Why do companies like yours choose López & James?

The strategic decision to establish your business in Latin America is an important step. With the opportunities come risks and challenges. With the correct legal, accounting and tax advice, you can overcome these challenges and resuce the risk to your commercial enterprise.

It is our objective to give you the same reliable, high quality service that you might receive from you preferred local advisor in your home country or global headquarters. But at Lopez & James, we combine this with a deep knowledge of local laws and accounting principles and tax regimes.

International standards in Client Service

We provide the highest level of client care, project management and service excellence. We match the standards of leading international professional firms in the US, Canada and Europe. That means we communicate with you clearly in your own language. We respect your important deadlines. We deliver counsel responsively and courteously. Our clients value this level of service as much as the quality of our professional advice.

The highest level of client care, project management and service excellence.

Legal, Accounting & Tax advice to help you achieve your commercial objectives in one step

Many business challenges require a unique combination of legal, tax and accounting advice to help you move forward with your plans fast. Our solutions are tailor made for each situation as you invest and develop your business in this market.

Achieve your commercial potential with our tailored solutions.

Teams of multilingual, US & European qualified lawyers and accountants

Our talented attorneys, accountants, tax advisors and support staff work collaboratively with you to support your executives, in-house legal teams and your finance function with their needs. We provide our services to companies and executives in English, German, Spanish and French.

Working in partnerships with your teams.

Competitive fees and flexible terms

You will find our services are competitively priced, and we structure our engagements flexibly. That makes us easier to work with and less bureaucratic with than some of our better known competitors offering the same service and expensive rates.

We are easy to work with and more flexible than other professional firms.

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